ZO® Red Carpet Glow Peel

Embrace the Spotlight


A Gift to Your Skin

The ZO® Red Carpet Glow Peel, popular with celebrities before a big event, exfoliates the skin to give you a refreshed, dewy look. In addition to effectively treating signs of aging, sun damage, and discolouration, medical-grade chemical peels leave the skin noticeably softer, brighter, and smoother. By replenishing lipids and aiding the skin’s natural hydration, chemical peels can also help stabilize the epidermis and skin barrier function.

how it works

High Performance Ingredients

This peel features a potent blend of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) that work together to stimulate cell turnover, which encourages dead skin cells to slough away and provides overall rejuvenation. Water soluble exfoliants like lactic acid acid and citric acid—both AHAs—work on the skin’s surface, and salicylic acid, a BHA exfoliant, works on the skin’s surface and at a dermal level, where it can target clogged pores and blemishes.

Key Benefits


This peel is mild on the skin but strong enough to make a visible difference, brightening and refreshing the face for a smooth and luminous look.


Get great results over your lunch hour without having to worry about downtime, peeling, or redness afterwards—just healthy, naturally glowing skin.


By exfoliating your skin and improving its tolerance to damage, you can achieve soft, resilient, and more rejuvenated skin that glows in as little as one session.


Improve skin texture, soften moderate fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of acne, age spots, and uneven pigmentation.


Package pricing is available when purchasing multiple treatments.

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