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As your body ages, wrinkles and fine lines start to appear because your skin naturally becomes less elastic. Cosmetic neuromodulators, such as Botox, can be used to help prevent the formation of wrinkles or to smooth out fine lines you already have, restoring a more youthful appearance.

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The Path to Smoother Skin

Repeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting, or raising eyebrows cause your skin to gradually form facial lines. Neuromodulators work by relaxing the facial muscles in the targeted areas, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and resulting in smoother looking skin. Neuromodulators can also be used preventatively—by injecting the muscles before etched-in wrinkles have appeared, you can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines from deepening and progressing.

Key Benefits


Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and relax your muscles to help prevent them from forming in the first place.


Notice visible results within the first three to four days, and see the treatment’s full effect after 10 to 14 days.


FDA-approved for skin rejuvenation, neuromodulators are only administered by trained medical professionals.


You can use more or fewer units depending on your budget, the strength of your facial muscles, and the areas treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many units will I need?
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    The number of units used depends on your needs and the number of areas treated. Most treatments start around 30 units and can increase to over 100 units when treating very strong facial muscles in multiple areas.

  • How many treatments will I need to see results?
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    You’ll see stunning results with your very first treatment—often the initial dosing proves ideal and we can repeat the same exact treatment over time. Sometimes we need to make small adjustments for that just-right personalized result.

  • How should I prepare for my treatment?
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    There isn’t much preparation required before treatment. Avoiding supplements and medications—with the advice of your doctor, of course—that make you bleed more easily for a few days before treatment will reduce your chance of bruising.

  • What should I expect during my treatment?
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    We take the time to understand your concerns, goals, and individual facial anatomy to formulate a custom treatment plan that works best for you. We will then strategically inject a series of doses gently into your skin, precisely targeting the muscles in your problem areas to ensure that you get a beautiful, consistent, and natural-looking result. We employ advanced neuromodulator injection techniques to ensure your procedure is as comfortable as possible, while minimizing bruising and swelling while reducing your overall recovery time.

  • How long do results last?
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    The duration of your results depends both upon your individual response to treatment and the number of units used; generally more units last longer. The typical duration after treatment is two to four months, although this varies between people. The ideal time to come for another treatment is when the last treatment has almost worn off but isn’t completely gone. By continuing this frequency of treatments, the duration of the neuromodulator tends to increase over time for many people, with some eventually requiring treatment only two to three times per year.

  • What is downtime and aftercare like?
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    In order to maximize your results, you’ll want to avoid vigorous exercise for 48 hours after treatment. It also helps to exaggerate your use of the treated muscles for the rest of the day after treatment—it may look a little funny, but these facial exercises help! Beyond that, it’s just a matter of waiting for your results to settle in, which can take up to 14 days after treatment. In terms of downtime, forehead injections often leave a distinct bump in the skin that subsides within 20 to 30 minutes. Any type of skin injection, including Botox, may occasionally leave a small bruise, which is generally tiny, can be well covered with makeup, and goes away within a few days.

  • Will I lose facial expressiveness?
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    Neuromodulators inherently soften expression, targeting the muscles that are typically associated with signs of aging and more negative emotions such as anger, concern, and fear. Some people even find they feel fewer of these feelings as an outside-in impact of treatment. As part of the treatment planning, we’ll come to an understanding of what degree you want to quiet down the treated areas.

  • What about neuromodulators for migraines and jaw tension?
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    Neuromodulators can be used therapeutically to treat a number of conditions. For more information, please refer to our Therapeutic Neuromodulators page.

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