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Due to the quick and non-invasive nature of Broadband Light treatments (BBL), it’s never been easier to achieve your skin goals, whether that’s rejuvenated skin, a clear, acne-free complexion, or the removal of unwanted hair.

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Gentle Treatment, Maximum Results

BBL treatments use an advanced, powerful form of Intense Pulsed Light Therapy to treat skin damage and control acne by exposing your skin to pulses of light at a high intensity. BBL treatments are also effective for hair removal—with cumulative procedures, the laser hair removal treatment reduces the amount of unwanted hair growth.

Key Benefits


BBL treatments are non-invasive and have a built-in cooling system, making the process comfortable and quick.


BBL treatments have little to no downtime and patients can quickly resume their regular lives.


You may notice the benefits in as little as five days. Most patients enjoy their full results within a week or two.


These treatments are suitable for all ages and most skin types, and can be used on all areas of the body.


Package pricing is available when purchasing multiple treatments in advance, and when combining different body parts for treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Forever Young BBL?
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    From reversing spots, freckles, fine lines, and wrinkles to treating small facial veins, rosacea, and sun damage, Forever Young BBL treatments are the ultimate solution to defying the signs of biological aging and achieving healthy skin. During treatment, a handheld device moves over your skin, producing quick pulses of high-intensity light that target your areas of concern. This non-invasive treatment comes equipped with a cooling feature, is safe for use on any part of your body, and has minimal side effects.

  • What is Forever Bare BBL?
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    Forever Bare BBL treatments offer safe, quick, and effective hair removal for almost all skin types. Fast, low-energy light pulses create concentrated heat, which raises the temperature of your follicles to the optimum therapeutic level for hair removal. With its continuous cooling system, Forever Bare BBL treatments make your hair removal process comfortable and painless and won’t cause skin damage.

  • What is Forever Clear BBL?
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    Renowned as the gold standard for acne treatments, Forever Clear BBL treatments expose your skin to pulses of light at specific wavelengths to target bacteria and minimize inflammation. The result is healthier, acne-free skin free from scars and blemishes. Different wavelengths, corresponding to a specific colour, perform particular therapeutic functions in three easy steps.

    1 – Blue Light

    Eliminates acne-causing bacteria within the skin’s pores

    2–Red Light

    Stimulates and supports the natural healing process of the skin

    3–Yellow Light

    Reduces the inflammation and redness of the skin associated with blemishes and acne scarring

  • How many treatments will I need to see results?
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    For all three treatments, most patients benefit from one to four treatments; however, everyone’s skincare needs and goals are different. You will see the most dramatic results from the first treatment. 

    For Forever Young BBL and Forever Clear BBL, your skin will continue to benefit with subsequent treatments and as part of an annual maintenance plan. Each treatment stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which slow down the visible signs of aging.

  • How should I prepare for my BBL treatment?
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    Pause your use of vitamin A products and acids for at least one week before treatment.

  • How long do results last?
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    For Forever Young BBL, sun damage and age spots are permanently removed. Low-intensity treatments three to four times a year will progressively change the DNA expression of the skin cells back to a younger form and gradually reverse the effective skin age, as proven in a study at Stanford University. After one to four treatments, most patients enter into the maintenance phase, requiring only a full “clean-up” treatment every year or so to correct any new damage that has accumulated.

    After three to six Forever Bare BBL treatments, you will experience a significant reduction in hair, with less and less hair growing back over time. With occasional maintenance (one treatment every year or two), results can last indefinitely.

    For Forever Clear BBL, you will notice clearer skin from the first treatment, with improved results with every subsequent treatment.

  • What is downtime and aftercare like?
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    For all three treatments, the skin is red like a sunburn immediately after the treatment. This settles after a few hours.

    For Forever Young BBL, much of the pigment on your face will have darkened by the following day and will progressively shed over the next one to two weeks. About 20% of patients also experience some degree of swelling.

  • What is the difference between BBL, Halo, and Microneedling?
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    BBL treatments target sun damage, redness, acne, and unwanted hair while microneedling targets fine lines and texture. Halo is a powerful resurfacing treatment for improving texture, fine lines, scars, enlarged pores, and for collagen induction.

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